If you had asked me two years ago, how many playgrounds we lived near, I probably would have said two… maybe three. Well, let me tell you something, Baltimore has a plethora of playgrounds, and they all offer something different.

If there’s ever a nice afternoon, and we’ve run out of planned activities you can bet we’re off to the playground. The beauty of Baltimore, “the playground,” could mean any of the 15 playgrounds within a two mile radius of our house. To be honest, I haven’t even discovered most of them! 

We’ve been to Tot lots, big kid playgrounds, school playgrounds, zoo playgrounds, hidden playgrounds, playgrounds with no parking, playgrounds with lots of parking. We have been to a lot of playgrounds. And you know what? I’m really digging it. There’s something to be said about going down a new slide every time we go to play somewhere. Different things to climb, to hold, to explore. New textures, colors and sounds. 

I love that we live in this little city, where finding a new playground can turn into an adventure for both of us. I’m not sure we’ll ever play on all of Baltimore’s playgrounds, but that’s what makes it exciting.

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