Post-Nap Rituals

Over the course of the last month or so we’ve made the transition to one nap. We get our mornings and our afternoons and in between I sew/eat/guzzle coffee/fold laundry/blog while Emerson has a nice 2-3 hour siesta. When nap time comes to an end it goes a little something like this:
1.See Mom and immediately chuck your pacifier and slam down lovie or Big Bunny in an excited frenzy.

2. Run over to the side of the crib next to your book shelf and sign “book” repeatedly. Don’t forget the huge grin since we’re proud that we’re communicating!

3. Reach for books, just in case Mom didn’t catch the ten times you signed “book.”

4. Stare Mom down because you know she saw the signing and the reaching for the books, but you still don’t have a book! Wait patiently until Mom chooses a book for you.

5. Finally! A book! Run to the other side of the crib with your book, that you recieved through thorough communication, and carefully turn each page. This one is a favorite with all the flaps to lift. Meticulously lift all the flaps. Remember, no smiling, reading is serious business. When you’re done reading it’s time to head downstairs so Mom can fix you up a snack.

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