Rainy Days

We had, what I assume to be, our last big summer storm. It was one of those sticky, hot, sweltering afternoons when the dark masses of clouds rolled in. Big fat drops fell. Sure, the basement was flooded in a second, but this storm will stand out for years to come. Why, you ask? Our street.

Have I told you about our street? It’s a little dead end, tucked in a cute neighborhood, and we’re surrounded by the best neighbors. Seriously, the best. Every nice night in the summer you can find all the neighborhood kids playing together. We’re all so close that it’s common to find they’ve just wandered into so and so’s house to play. We hang out together while they play, sipping our 5 o’clock beer & wine, enjoying the summer air.

But back to the storm. Big fat drops, pelting the earth, flooding basements across the region, providing endless entertainment for the kids on our street. Since it was such a warm rain, kids donned their swim suits and out they went. A little rain was not going to stop their fun. The little ones were stripped down to diapers and puddles were jumped in, eyes were wide with amazement, and hair was quickly drenched. Yet, the whole time was nothing but smiles, laughs and screams of sheer delight. Adults huddled together on the porch. Magic. This storm was magic. Oh, summer, we will miss you.

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