Second Week

Week one flew by, and week two was no exception to time flying either. We’re already creeping up on Emerson being 3 weeks old on Wednesday. 

Our second week had a lot of “firsts” during it. Emerson lost her umbilical stump this week and is working on having the cutest belly button around. Since she was finally stumpless, we tried our hand at her first baby bath! We have a tub that is basically a glorified bucket, but its supposed to mimic being in the womb. While she liked it, she was still far too little to actually be able to bathe her in it, so we switched to bathing her in the kitchen sink. What is it about babies in sinks that is just so stinkin’ cute? 

Emerson met her Uncle Kyle for the first time this week as well. It was after a particularly fussy night with little sleep, so needless to say she slept the entire time he was visiting.  Over the weekend she met more family, including her Auntie Julie, my mother and her husband. It was quite the weekend of baby snuggling.

Just us ladies went out this week while Daddy Kyle was at work. Oh, another first! Kyle went back to work. Day one was rough due to some mis-communication and a very tired Mommy Beth. Day two and three went much better! Emerson and I even managed to get out of the house to head to a breastfeeding support group. There were other newbies there – the youngest being just three days old! Emerson was still the peanut of the group. The group was great since the mom to the three week old seemed to be having the same night-time nursing issues that we’re currently struggling with. Plus, it was nice to get out and socialize with other new moms.

She’s tall and she’s lean;
She’s just a little string bean. 

Our latest issue is a case of thrush. Another first. This one takes the cake as being the most unpleasant of all the firsts this week. We see her pediatrician on Monday so hopefully he can prescribe something to take care of her oral thrush, and I’ll have to go see my GP to get something for my nipples. If we don’t treat them simultaneously we’ll just end up passing it back and forth to each other for months. I’m pretty sure it was caused by the azythromycin I take every week. I’m looking into adding a good probiotic into my diet so that hopefully we can avoid thrush in the future. 

Her jaundice is looking much better and she already feels heavier in my arms! Kyle and I already think Emmie is looking older. Where is time going? 

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