Snoozing & Snuggles

We have come down with our first cold of the season. A little hoarse, a runny nose, and the saddest little cough you ever did hear, which ends in the softest little cry. Actually, let me back up. I don’t think we all have a cold. Emerson caught a virus and now has croup – as self-diagnosed by me.
Yesterday’s weather fit our moods perfectly: rainy, grey & moody. We hunkered down inside while we sipped juice, watched Peppa Pig, and had a mess of a time cuddling. Have you ever had a snotty toddler demand you give her a kiss? Ummm… thanks, but no thanks?
Anyway, today you can find us cuddling on the couch, sitting in a steamy bathroom or quietly reading our books while our bodies fight to get back in tip top shape. The hubster is also feeling a little under the weather, and me? Well, I’ve been so incredibly congested anyway that I honestly can’t even tell if I’m sick with a cold or not. *shrug* I’m just gonna keep on chuggin’ along.

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