Snow Day

While we may not have gotten nearly as much snow as our family, we still had a decent amount of snow in the past week or two. Before heading outside to clean off his car, Kyle told me I had to take a picture of Emerson looking out the window at all the snow. “Her eyes look insanely blue with all the snow.”

Lately when Emmie wakes up, after giving her some morning formula and changing into a fresh diaper, I pick her up and we open the curtains and blinds together. We talk about our day, and what we think it’s like outside based on what we see. Sometimes I’ll let her touch the window and then sign “cold.” She thinks it’s the best game ever.

I’m so happy I heeded Kyle’s advice demands and snapped a few pictures. It was such a precious moment to capture her awaking to a world covered in glittering snow. Moments like these are all too fleeting; in fact, everything was melted by the time she awoke from her mid-morning nap!

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