Spring Adventures

May has arrived and with it, glorious weather. We’re talking  70’s to low 80’s, blue skies, sunshine and perhaps the odd thunderstorm. My car has a nice thick layer of pollen and the bee’s are back trying to hive in our porch chairs. Ah, yes, spring is here! 
We’ve been spending our spring afternoons exploring new places! We’ve gone to a nature trail, and went hiking with some friends. Emerson and I explored a park covered in brightly colored tulips. It had lots of shade, and lots of color! 

We visited another park in the city, not too far from where we live, that we had never been to before. To park at this park was quite the adventure. We drove around what I assumed would be the ‘block,’ but turns out I drove about 6 blocks! At least I knew where I was when I popped out on a main street. 

 Never the less, all of our park exploring has been great. We’ve driven around so many new and wonderfully rich in history, and if we’re being honest -monetarily rich, neighborhoods, that it made me realize there is so much to Baltimore that I don’t even know yet! Also, I have confirmed my hunch that I just love houses. There have been an abundance of  gorgeous historic houses around the areas we were driving. I could have walked around for hours just admiring them all! 

 Oliver has been on a few adventures with us, using his car harness that my Grandpa Jack gifted us. It’s come in quite handy when driving with both baby and dog. Having Oliver strapped in safely in his harness has been such an anxiety reducer. Gone are the days of him bouncing around like a crazy man, now he’s more or less forced encouraged to sit calmly and stick his face out the window. 

We’ve been having a blast soaking up our sunshine, having picnics and spending lots of our time outside. We’ve all been pretty happy campers round here. 

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