Sugar Sugar, aw, honey honey…

It took almost a week of fiddling with carb ratios but I finally managed to get my breakfast levels under 140! The real test will be using the same ratio tomorrow and seeing if I can repeat levels under 140. If not, it’s back to the drawing board. Right now it looks like my ratio will be 4 units to every 15 carbs. I’ll still only be counting for breakfast, since my lunch and dinner levels seem to do just fine on their own. 
Now, as I get bigger and further along my carb ratio is bound to increase. By the time I’m full term, I might even be bolusing for lunch and dinner. For now, I’m just happy that I finally managed to get one breakfast in the target range. 
I’ve also seem to gain back the pound I lost over vacation. Although my morning weight and my night weight vary vastly. (I always go by the heaviest, even though its the most unscientific.) 
In other news, one of my neighbors gave me a box of her old maternity clothes so I’ve been enjoying having, quite literally, an expanding wardrobe. She passed on about 4 or 5 sweaters, a couple of shirts/tanks, a few skirts a couple of dresses and about 6 pairs of pants. The pants are about a size or two too big, but they’ll do if I’m in a pinch. All the tops fit great and they’re all in really nice condition. I also found the most comfortable pair of maternity jeans at the thrift store! They fit fantastically, and they might even look better than most of my regular jeans. Right now, they’re my go-to pair since they’re the most flattering & comfy!

When I wear my regular clothes I look much more pregnant. When I wear my maternity things, I look like I ate too much chipotle. Comfort usually wins out so I’m rockin’ the chipotle belly look. I know in a few weeks I’ll probably surpass the ‘is that a beer belly?’ stage and start entering the ‘lets-pray-for-the-teen-mom’ phase. Let the awkwardness begin! Then again, this is Baltimore, people might not even think twice. =) 

Weekly picture and survey will be up tomorrow. I have my 17 week appointment today so I won’t get any time to take pictures and upload them. Unless I decide to look cute today, and then I might have to put forth some extra effort. 

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