Summertime fun with a girl on the run!

Last weekend Grandma & Grandpa Overdeep came down for a visit. Emerson was beyond delighted. They had all her birthday gifts in tow, and let’s face it, grandparents, in general, just rock! While I was not quite on my game, (thanks blood clot grr) Emerson had a blast.

Unlike her typical shy behavior around Grandpa, she had nothing but smiles, giggles and hugs for him! They played tirelessly for hours. Emmie was giving him the star treatment, and I think it’s safe to say Grandpa was loving it.

And let’s not forget Grandma. While Grandpa took care of the rough-housing and playtime, Emerson filled her snuggle quota with Grandma. It’s hard not to snuggle someone who loves to spoil you. 😉 Emmie even got to venture to the mall to find new shoes for her big feet!

She’s currently running around in the cutest, tiniest little puma sneakers you ever did see. I’ll tell ya though, who would have thought it’d be so hard to find narrow baby shoes. Hello, not all babies have feet as wide as they are long! My poor girl, she’s definitely inherited my skinny long feet. Some of the shoes were pretty laughable as she looked like she could have put both feet side by side in one shoe. Luckily, we had great success with a wonderful, knowledgeable, and dedicated saleswoman at Nordstrom. Also, a balloon was key to the countless shoes being put on and taken off. Emerson couldn’t get enough of those balloons.

She ran around the mall playground, squealing with delight, waving to Grandpa Rob every time she made it to the top of the slide structure. Finally back home, she passed out.

Other adventures included going to the zoo, being snuggled & put down for naps and bed by grandparents, sneaking chocolate donut bites from Grammy and more. If that’s not summertime fun, I don’t know what is. Our girl is so lucky to have grandparents who love her to pieces. They may not be close –yet,  ( I’m looking at you Dad! ) but their love knows no bounds.

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