The Little Things

I once wrote a post about all the subtle little things you do that force me into a deeper love for you than I ever thought possible. As you get older you’ve phased out of some of those little things and much to my delight, have acquired new ones.
Recently when I nurse you, you move your little hand in an almost dance like manor. Your little hand dances across my chest, feeling my skin, my shirt, my hair and sometimes you reach for my chin. When you’re getting sleepy you like to unfurl your hand and then squeeze it back into a fist, usually with my skin or clothing caught among your tiny, albeit, fierce little grasp. While at first I thought of this as an annoyance I quickly fell in love with this little tendency. As your sleepiness increases your vigorous squeezing decreases and usually I’m left with a small, warm flat hand gently resting somewhere on my chest, or limply tangled in my shirt.

One of my favorite little things you do is when you shy smile. It doesn’t happen often, and it’s often so subtle you could miss it but sometimes in the morning if Daddy gets you up and brings you into our bedroom you meet my “good morning,” with this small, shy, over your shoulder smile. Sometimes it’s coupled with you melting into whoever’s arms and burying your face in that person’s shoulder.
You have a specific face for when Oliver kisses you and I find it hilarious. Without fail, every single time, if he swoops in for a quick kiss you purse your lips, scrunch your nose, close your eyes, raise those brows and and tilt your head bracing for impact. I think this is an upgrade from the wide open mouth you used to greet his kisses with.
The last little thing I hope I never forget is how you cup my face when I lean in to give you kisses. It doesn’t happen every time but when it does my heart completely melts into this puddle of love.

Emerson, there are so many little things you do that make me fall more madly in love with you every day. I hope by writing them down I can come back years from now and remember and appreciate all these small moments that pass so quickly.

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