The Little Things

Sometimes I’m afraid I am missing the little things that you do, or I’ll forget them before I have a chance to write it down. At 7 months here are the little things I’d like to remember:

  • When getting fed a bottle you raise your arm up and drape the back of your hand over your eyes. It’s a very dramatic gesture and makes me chuckle every single time. More recently you’ve enjoyed feeding yourself your bottles and I fear your dramatic bottle swoon is coming to an end.
  • After learning to crawl you started an excited pant. When you see an object out of reach, but it’s something enticing, you do this little excited pant and book it over to said object. You’ve recently begun applying your excited panting to meeting new people! 
  • I’m not sure this is something that will stop anytime soon, but it’s something that surprises me every time you do it. After unbuckling you in your car-seat you arch your back while shooting your little arms straight out with the expectation that I pick you up. Surely you’re too young to understand that every time I unbuckle you, you get out… but, but, you’re just my little baby! This act is definitely a subtle slap of reality of how quickly you’re growing and learning. 
  • After nap times, when I lift your smiling, but still sleepy body out of the crib, you gaze lovingly at your mobile and reach for the stars. The whole process usually takes two seconds, tops, but something about your little pudgy fingers reaching so delicately for the sparkling stars makes me wish I could remember it forever. Maybe it’s the look on your face, the sleepy hope of  “maybe this time will be the time I catch one…” Or maybe it’s the fact that you have yet to catch a star, but still try. 
  • One of your Daddy’s favorite things that you do is when you wake up happy. After a nap, or a good night’s sleep as soon as we enter your room you give us the biggest grin. Sometimes you smile so brightly that the pacifier falls out and then you do a quiet giggle. It’s easy to forget all the troubles in the world when greeted with such a powerful smile. 

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