The Waiting Game

Tuesday I hit the 38 week mark. My day was also filled with appointments, as will be every Tuesday from here on out. Both appointments were pretty uneventful, but took up most of the day; with such a big practice you end up waiting quite a bit. I start biweekly non-stress tests this week…yay. (Sarcasm) I knew this point was coming but it’s still frustrating none the less. We haven’t seen a single issue on any of the stress tests we’ve done so I feel a little silly going in twice a week for an hour just to be sent home with a ‘looks great!’

I had a lot of braxton hicks contraction this past week, almost every night. They’d start up around 4 or 5pm and then I’d go to bed with them. They were always gone by morning but it’s still exciting knowing my body is practicing for the real deal. They’re not painful but some of the stronger ones certainly take my breath away and I have to focus on not panicking but rather just breathing through it. 
Since feeling better I’ve had more energy to do normal late pregnancy things – like wash and fold tiny baby clothes, pack my hospital bag, and vacuum the baseboards upstairs — you know the important things. I find I’m only able to do a certain amount of things before I’m completely done for the day, just poof! Wiped out. Thankfully Oliver has been really really good for me this past week. We try to get out for a walk every day but it’s usually not until the end of the day and he’s been very patient! 
I managed to gain a pound this week, which is always good news, especially since my blood sugars were all over the place this week! I kept falling low for random reasons. I had a few highs that snuck in there too. Doctors were less concerned about my high numbers and more concerned with my lows. I’m being more conscious of eating a balanced snack before bed (to ward off low numbers during the night) and just more frequently during the day. 
Kyle has been working lots of hours for the past few weeks, so that he’ll be ready to take some time off when little ninja decides she wants to come. Usually he leaves before I’m up and I don’t see him until 7 sometimes 8/8:30 at night. I think after this week he’ll have enough lined up for his undergrads to work on while he’s away and he’ll feel more prepared for little lady’s arrival. 
I’m feeling anxious and bored just waiting for the show to start. My feet have been swelling on and off (usually after standing or walking for prolong periods of time) and I’m experiencing some sleep issues.  I’m also really warm almost all of the time these days, especially at night! Thank goodness for air conditioning! 
Well, that about sums it up here. 

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