They see me Rollin’…

Ten extra points if you sang the title while reading it!

The past few nights, alright, a lot of the nights -about a week or so worth of nights- Emerson has been waking up, not once, not twice, but multiple times during the night. Poor Kyle! He was only getting a couple hours of sleep at night.

Part of the reason is due to the fact that little miss is not happy when I give her a bottle. She knows I’ve got the good stuff and she’d prefer straight from the tap from me. Yesterday, for example, she refused to drink more than 1 oz at a time. It was exhausting for everybody involved!

Another reason, I do believe, is that the Claire-Bear has been learning so quickly these days. She has so much extra to process at night, and lot’s of growing to do. In fact, one of the big milestones coming up is rolling. She’s been getting stronger every day during tummy time. She’ll hold her head up a little higher, and she’s content for a few extra minutes. Just yesterday she took me by surprise by pushing her body up so high and lifting her arm, and what do you know, she rolled! She then immediately cried, because let’s face it, rolling for the first time on your playmat is scary. You were on your belly looking at Mom and all of a sudden you’ve bonked your head on the floor and you can’t see Mom anymore. 

After placing a nice squishy blanket on the mat I placed her back on her tummy. Again, she rolled over almost immediately! She humored me one last time, and rolled a third and final time. After that she was exhausted from her physical activity.

She worked so hard that day that she ended up sleeping almost the whole night only waking up once to feed. Everybody was super happy about that the next day. We have yet to see the roll make another appearance but all in good time. I suppose, for now, I’ll just keep singing, “They see me rollin’…” to keep encouraging her. 

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