Time is a funny thing. It seems as it was just yesterday I had a big ‘ole belly, and yet, it seems so long ago that I can’t even remember what it’s like to have a big belly anymore. Emerson continues to change every day. Sometimes it seems she changes overnight. I wake up, and she’s different. 
This past week I’ve noticed her newborn lashes are gone. Her blonde, barely there, eye lashes have all but fallen out and been replaced with darker, visible to the world, lashes. She can lift her head a bit higher every day, and yesterday she even accidentally rolled over from her tummy to her back! She can thank her Overdeep sized noggin for that one. She jerked at just the right angle that gravity took over and boop! over she went. Needless to say we were both startled! 
Emerson is smiling more and more these days, and I finally managed to catch a few good grins on my phone. 

Emmie has expanded her repertoire of sounds these days as well. She’s exploring various coo’s. She continues to grunt, whimper, and cry all mostly thanks to gas. 

Yes, time is a funny thing. Babies create a paradox within time; days can feel so long, but weeks just fly by.

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