Two Months

Dear Emerson Claire,

You have rapidly entered the second month of your life. I still cannot believe how quickly you’ve grown, and continue to grow each and every day. Your second month of life started off a bit rough, as we had to take you to get your 2 month shots. It’s safe to say week 8 was a tough week. You were cranky, tired and hard to soothe.

Thankfully week 9 has turned things around. We’re seeing more and more of your happy, calm, alert self. Don’t get me wrong, we’re still having some evening where the Mamaroo has proven its worth over and over again, but for the most part you’re back to being an easy baby.

One of your favorite things is to sit up and watch the world. You particularly enjoy being outdoors. You’ll hold your head up nice and high, taking in the surrounding as long as your neck muscles allow. I must say, you’re head control is getting better and better every day. It sometimes surprises me how long you can hold your head up by yourself. During tummy time you’re starting to push up more on your hands to lift your head even higher– just so you can look around even more.  You still like to scoot around with this semi-army crawl; something the pediatrician says is both exciting to see so early on, but also terrifying (since it most likely means you’ll be a quick learner of crawling/walking).

I’ve started giving you a bath towards the end of the day since you’ve acquired a new skill of drooling. You’re exploring new movements of your mouth, one of which involves repeatedly sticking your tongue in and out of your mouth. You’ll suck on your hands and you’ve figured out how to produce spit bubbles. Needless to say you get quite slobbery towards the evening. I’m also hoping the nice calm bath with help make bedtime easier over time.

You enjoy being in the water now. Before it was just a big cry fest! I’m also figuring out what keeps you calmer in the tub. That’s one of the things- you’re in the big tub already! You love lounging on your tub cushion since it holds lots of warm water in it so it keeps you pretty toasty. In fact, the last two times I put you in the tub you proceeded to give me a wild grin! I’ve noticed that if the water is too cool you are not a happy camper. Sometimes you’ll even kick the water with your feet.

You and I have been busy during the week while Daddy is at work. We go walking on Fridays with our Summer 2014 babies group, we go to our breastfeeding club on Thursdays, and we’ve been getting together with our birthing classmates during the week as well. Don’t forget that we also run errands! I couldn’t think of a better sidekick to have while running errands and doing chores.

Well my little Claire-bear, everyday you look less and less like a generic newborn and more like Emerson… Every day a little more of your personality shines through as well. We’ve been having so much fun watching you grow and learn. Being your Momma rocks.

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