We all had a great time on our trip up to Little Rhody. Emerson was a champ in the car. We left both times at night, around her bedtime, and each time she slept the whole way. Not a peep! Such a good girl.

Emerson had the chance to meet so many people while we were visiting. She handled all those visitors better than I did! She met all her Great-Aunts, Great-Grandparents, lots of our friends, and quite a few distant cousins at the big Whelan reunion. Of course she had lots of Grandma, Grandpa and Auntie snuggles from both sides of the family.

All in all, Emerson was immersed in nothing but love the whole time we were up in Rhode Island. She is quite the lucky lady to have so many people who love her so deeply. In fact, she even inherited a prized blankey among her travels. 

The blanket, which started out as Luke’s, was passed on to his little sister Ella, and it was then decided to be passed onto Emerson! She is already smitten with the blanket and all it’s colorful ribbons. She works very hard to try to chomp on those ribbons, but they hardly ever actually reach her mouth. Who knows, maybe in a few years Emerson will be passing the prized blankey down to her younger sibling… maybe. 😉

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