Weekend & Sunshine

Oh what a weekend it was. We had sunshine and warmer weather. Hallelujah.

Sunday we packed up and went to Kinder Farm Park, where Hubster did some blacksmithing, and Emmie and I wandered between petting goats, soaking up sun, having snacks and running around a huge playground. Side note, you know you’re experiencing a parenting win when the statement ,”Do you want me to hold your carrot so you can go play?” is answered with a clear, “NO.” The carrot was eaten in its entirety before playing ensued. #parentingwin

Emerson even got to feed a goat, and she was in heaven. She would have gathered grass all day for that goat if I let her. She would pull up handfuls of grass and squat in front of the goat and present her offerings. Speaking of goats, she even got to hug a baby goat! Talk about cuteness overload. Everyone was so paralyzed by the cuteness (there was even a collective parent “awww”) that no pictures were taken.

Other weekend activities included, reading library books, playing games with friends, drinking lots of wine, and ending with some spring breezes floating through open windows. I hope your weekend was equally wonderful!

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