Would you be my Valentine?

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and for the first time, in a long time, the hubster and I are headed out on a Date Night! Granted, it’s the weekend after Valentine’s Day, but it includes free babysitting so we are not complaining. 
One of the best things about going out, for me at least, is getting ready! Spending all day with a toddler, “looking nice,” consists of putting on a bra and maybe washing my face. You know, in case I have to answer the door. With a date night in an adult atmosphere with adult conversation & adult drinks, I can trade in my sneakers for heels, my lunch smeared tee’s for pretty tanks…and I can wear a necklace without worrying about grabby toddler hands! Ah yes, date night is really just an excuse to look nice for a change.

For our Valentine’s Date I’m going for the “I don’t have a toddler with me but I still want to be comfortable,” look. What’s that you ask? It’s my go to “look put together,” outfit. A simple textured blouse, a snazzy jacket, skinny jeans and booties. Slap on a pendant necklace, some subtle studs and a complimenting watch and I am ready to roll. 
Are you doing anything special to celebrate Valentine’s Day? 

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